Scarfolk Beer Mat Set by Richard Littler

£10.96 incl. VAT

A set of Scarfolk beer mats created by Richard Littler during the pandemic year 2020.

Each stickered box contains eight different beer mats and a printed insert.

Box dimensions: 17.2cm x 12.3cm x 2.1cm


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Remember pubs? Pre-pandemic, beer mats were found in villages, towns and cities acoss our great country. The mats were functional but also an under-appreciated working class aesthetic medium. This set evokes a lost golden-age of mass socialising and iffy behaviour on sticky carpets. 

Recreate an authentic pub experience in your own home and celebrate our good fortune in being guided through a crisis by such a far-sighted, intelligent, prudent and unhypocritical elite.

There should be enough mats for you, your partner, your children, your lover, their children and any ex-spouse. If there is any doubt about how many children you have then please consider either purchasing more sets or running for high office. 

Not for use in restaurants, bars, theatres, cinemas, galleries, non-essential gyms (i.e. all gyms) or bordellos. Perfectly acceptable in parliamentary bars at any time of day or night.

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