Cherry Blossom I by Dan Baldwin

£990.00 incl. VAT

Edition of 50

Signed by the artist

Silkscreen print with glazes

Image Size: 65 x 70 cm

Paper Size: 80 x 86 cm

Supplied unframed

Accompanied by a Saatchi Gallery Certificate of Authenticity

In stock

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I’ve always looked back to innocence and nostalgia in my work. I have to be able to understand my own art, before enyone else can. In my recent work I have been confronting personal issues; being suddenly uprooted from the north to the south, taken away from my father without warning as a child- these ideas have been floating in my mind. In these pieces (designed as a diptych) we see two rooms, two interiors, the kind of familiar domestic interiors that should inspire a sense of safety and comfort. In one, we see my mantelpiece, the clock always set to 2.40, or twenty to three: 23 being my favourite number and the date of my birth. The rooms are populated with symbols of refuge; the bird returning to the nest, children climbing the stairs. The inclusion of the VW Beetle in Cherry Blossom II also has very a personal meaning; it was my first car and I restored it with my stepfather, it was also the means for getting to art college and finding independence. At the same time these cosy rooms are invaded by a sense of time passing, the fragility of memory; a cracked vase, a barbed wire fence, a fire, rain clouds.  And finally the cherry blossom, which in Japanese culture is a reminder that life is overwhelmingly beautiful, but also tragically short.”